Chain reaction of marijuana legalization

Published 7:00 am Thursday, February 26, 2015

While most U.S. states continue to have moderate to rigorous laws against the possession of marijuana, it seems with each passing day many states are gradually lessening those restrictions.
Which is why news of Alaska becoming the third state to legalize marijuana on Tuesday doesn’t come as much of a surprise.
According to CNN, the state joined Colorado and Washington state as the only states to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana possession for residents older than 21.
While marijuana is now legal in those states, there are still restrictions. Those regulations put a limit on how much marijuana a person can either store or harvest, and people can’t drive while high or consume marijuana in public, CNN reported.
Although some states have legalized recreational marijuana use, and others have legalized it for only medical purposes, under federal law, marijuana is still illegal, according to
But it may be only a matter of time until every state legalizes marijuana, which could lead to its full legalization on a federal level.
Recently, it seems as though there’s a chain reaction between states on the laws pertaining to marijuana. When one state takes a baby step towards decriminalizing marijuana, three states follow. When another state takes a giant leap towards legalizing it, another state follows suit.
Whether you support it or not, the ability to legally purchase marijuana might become as commonplace as buying a six-pack of beer.
Right here in Mississippi, Gov. Phil Bryant signed a bill to legalize medical marijuana last year, according to WAPT news. Now, marijuana advocates across Mississippi are actively pushing the state to put legalization of its recreational use up for a vote in the upcoming election, as reported previously by the Item.
Soon, Mississippi or another state could be next.

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