Cell phone contracts versus landlines

Published 7:00 am Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cell phones are the new telegraph as their availability and popularity have prompted many to cancel their landline service.
For many, there is no need to have a cell phone and a landline, especially for those whose network provides them with excellent cellular coverage no matter where they go.
Cell phones also provide options that landlines can’t offer. When was the last time you checked your social media account, email account or read the latest news using a landline phone?
However, unlike landlines, securing a cell phone for the most part means choosing a plan, signing a contract, and selecting a device, many of which can cost hundreds of dollars. What you may not know is that the phones actually cost more if you purchase it without a contract. Cell phone companies subsidize the difference because they have a period of time to recoup the expense.
So, while you may chose a high-end device capable of providing all the newest applications with the best resolution, you are still paying a lot of money every month just to use your device. Plans can cost upwards of $100 a month for one line, or more if additional lines are added.
But another option to a long term contact is gaining ground, prepaid plans. Prepaid plans can be a method of saving money on your monthly bills.
There are a couple of caveats however. First and foremost, the devices offered under these plans may not be as advanced as the newest iPhone or Android device. However, increasing numbers of prepaid providers are upping their game in that department.
Another con to a prepaid plan is remembering to purchase more minutes each and every month.
However, as these plans become more popular it’s expected that the small hitches associated with a prepaid plan may be resolved. Choices in the marketplace, free enterprise at work.

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