How I spent my New Year’s holiday

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I don’t know how you spent your New Year’s Eve, but I spent mine thousands of feet in the air in a plane waiting excitedly to meet my four-month-old nephew, Nathan, for the first time.
The plane landed in Albany, New York about five minutes to midnight and I saw the Times Square ball drop on the television screens as I made my way through the terminal.
During the hour drive from Albany to Saugerties, although tired, I was thinking of ways to “accidentally” wake Nathan up from his deep sleep.
Alas, I did not wake him up, but my sister took me into his room to peek at his tiny sleeping form.
Immediately, I felt a flood of emotions because I was finally in the same room as this wonderful little human being.
For months, I have seen and heard him only through the screen of my iPad.
The next morning, when he was finally in my arms, I was instantly hooked on the little man.
During the course of my visit, he barely stopped smiling and trying to talk. He is at the stage where he is starting to giggle when you kiss his cheeks and even lets out a snort when he laughs.
Nathan and I played with all of his new Christmas toys and spent time on the floor during tummy time. He is rolling over and I know he will soon be learning to crawl.
This little man has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve always cherished my family and the moments I spend with them, but since his arrival into this world, I now know that there is no greater joy for me than being an aunt.
I can’t wait for him to visit his mother and aunt’s home state so we can introduce him to all the things that make South Mississippi wonderful.
No matter how you spent your New Year’s holiday, I hope it was as meaningful as mine.

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