High-speed car chase

Published 7:00 am Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday morning, the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department was involved in a high-speed car chase.

Early that morning, the department received information that a female subject, later identified as Lorine Havens, 29, of 34 Gaston Lewis in Carriere, was riding around Pearl River County with a large amount of methamphetamine, Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison said.

Later on, the department’s narcotics investigators received word that Havens was parked at the back parking lot inside Friendship Park in Picayune, Allison said.

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The investigators immediately contacted members of the criminal investigation division, who were in the area, Allison said.

The investigators located Havens inside her vehicle, which was parked in the rear area of the parking lot. When officers made contact with Havens, she allegedly started her vehicle and fled the park at a high rate of speed, Allison said.

Just as Havens was fleeing, narcotics investigators arrived at the scene and followed Havens’ vehicle and initiated their blue lights. At that point Havens drove off the road onto a field in the park, Allison said.

The officers proceeded to follow Havens out of the park and down S. Haugh Street, where she drove at speeds of 95 miles an hour towards Memorial Boulevard. She allegedly drove in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed, Allison said. She then proceeded north on I-59 where she exited at Carriere and then turned onto Lumpkin Road.

Allison said deputies were waiting on Lumpkin Road where they deployed spike strips. Havens vehicle ran over the spikes, which deflated three of her tires.

Thereafter, Havens allegedly continued to flee at speeds of 60 miles an hour until she lost control of her vehicle on Lumpkin Road and crashed into a ditch, Allison said. Even after crashing her vehicle, she continued to flee, ramming a fence that runs along I-59 before driving onto the grassy area of the interstate.

Narcotics detectives, who were following her were able to block her vehicle from going any further, but Havens allegedly would not get out of the car, Allison said. Officers had to force entry into her vehicle by breaking the windows, Allison said.

Once entry was gained, Havens refused to follow officers’ orders and resisted arrest. She was tazed before being taken into custody, Allison said.

During the pursuit, Havens reportedly rammed several vehicles off the roadway while traveling at 100 miles an hour, Allison said. Officers also observed Havens to throw small white items from her vehicle during the pursuit. On several occasions, Havens also intentionally tried to ram her vehicle against pursuing law enforcement vehicles, Allison said.

Officers were able to recover the discarded items, later identified as 1/8 balls of crystal meth, Allison said. Two sets of digital scales were recovered from inside the vehicle during a search after she was taken into custody, Allison said.

Havens was charged with possession of a controlled substance within 1,500 feet of a park, felony fleeing, tampering with physical evidence and aggravated assault on a police officer.

Once taken into custody by the sheriff’s department, deputies noticed she was wearing an ankle bracelet, Allison said.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections removed the bracelet and revoked her house arrest, Allison said.