Dealing with negative comments

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Since about the time I began to form my own opinions and express them, there has been someone there to criticize or just plain disagree with me, which is fine.
I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and I enjoy sometimes participating in a friendly debate with friends and family. I have always believed it’s important to listen to other opinions (even my husband’s), because I just might learn something new.
One of my favorite things of late is watching arguments unfold on my Facebook news feed. It’s quite fascinating.
Then there are those people who have nothing better to do than provide negative comments with regard to just about everything.
There are times when ignoring such comments is a difficult task. We are all human beings and our feelings may get hurt due to someone’s hurtful comments. When I feel myself getting angry about something, I try to remember what it would feel like to walk a mile in someone’s shoes.
With this in mind, I decided to research a few ways to overlook negative comments.
According to, there are seven reasons we should ignore people’s comments.
– “It’s not about you.” Some words and comments may just be the person’s personal opinion of a situation.
– “Take the nuggets of truth.” Decipher the commentary and decide what is a lie and what is the truth.
– “People tend to share their bad mood.” One should realize it might not be anything personal, but the result of someone’s bad day.
– “One person – one opinion.” Someone’s opinion does not reflect the opinion of the more than seven billion people in the world.
– “Rude and crazy people.” There may be some people that have a hard time making polite conversation.
– “Only you know who you are.” It’s normal for people to dislike your beliefs, values and opinions. Each person has a different vision of this world.
– “Don’t let others ruin your day.” Don’t let someone’s comments affect your mood. Keep your cool and respond with politeness.
It’s never easy to be criticized or hear negative comments about yourself. But it’s best to try and let it roll down your back like water. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just try and remember to express it constructively and in such a manner so your words will create more good than harm.

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