Could this be the year for a new TV?

Published 7:00 am Thursday, January 8, 2015

If you have an aging television in your home, 2015 could be the year to upgrade while receiving the options that will keep it current longer.
Many televisions on the market offer a number features, such as the gimmicky and sometimes eye straining 3D, or the upcoming high definition standard of 4k resolution. Newer televisions now come with their own operating system to provide easy navigation through the applications being added that allow owners to surf the Internet and stream programming to their sets.
The movie theater experience is still thought of as the premier way to see flicks in the highest in definition and widest color range. But viewing a movie at home has many advantages the theater will never be able to beat.
Some of those advantages include privacy, the ability to pause the movie in order to get a snack or take a break, and of course the absence of strangers talking over the dialogue.
However, both of the advantages theaters hold may soon be met with subsequent generations of televisions. Sets with 4k resolution are said to provide images so clear that the sweat on an actor’s brow can easily be seen.
Additionally, these newer sets are touted to include new technology that adds more color depth, near that of the theaters.
It may be several generations before a true movie theater experience will make it to the general public’s living room, but if you are in the market for a new television, this year may be the best to pickup a new set.
Just make sure it has at least 4k capability and smart functions so you can connect to the Internet and stream shows and movies.
It is also advisable to avoid the newer curved screen televisions, only because they limit how many people in the room can see the screen effectively.

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