An interesting way to spend my downtime

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There are times during the evening or weekend when I just want to hibernate. There is something so relaxing and comforting about staying home all day in your pajamas.
Normally, I try to catch up on reading, laundry and other household chores.
But lately, I have become addicted to videos on the YouTube website.
They are called “What’s in my Handbag.” The girls that host the videos showcase their newest designer handbag and the items they carry from day to day.
It’s fascinating, because let’s face it ladies, some of us can be nosy when it comes purses, shoes and clothing.
I receive compliments about my bags and shoes and I almost always express my admiration when I see another woman’s shoes or purse that I envy.
I don’t usually carry a lot of things in my purse, just the essentials including a wallet, hand lotion, keys, cell phone and other odds and ends.
The majority of the girls in these videos carry the same things I do, except for the enormous amount makeup that they seem to keep on hand.
But I digress. My real point is that most of these girls have more than 1 million followers and their videos are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.
They also make informational videos including makeup tutorials. They also “vlog,” which is a video log of their daily activities.
Yes, I do realize that current world events are more important than what’s in someone’s slightly overpriced handbag.
However, and I know some ladies will agree with me; there are times when it’s nice to gaze at the finer things in life, put on makeup to feel pretty or just be a girl.
This world is full of the depressed, deranged and demented. I give props to these YouTube stars who manage, with their quirky and upbeat ways, to make people laugh and feel better living in a world that at times can be full of

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