Three Pearl River County residents charged with kidnapping, armed robbery

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A local man was allegedly abducted and held against his will for days by three Picayune residents who are now being charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder.
The Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department received a call at 10:42 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 7 from an individual who claimed he was kidnapped and robbed of his truck. According to Chief Deputy Shane Tucker, Albert C. Russell, 29, of 961 Caesar Rd. in Picayune, Brittany S. Dodge, 28, of 20 Aladdin Lane in Picayune and Nicole T. Williams, 20, of 1 Broadway Circle, Lot A, in Picayune were involved in the kidnapping, armed robbery and attempted murder of a local resident from December 4-6.
On Thursday, Dec. 4, the victim received a phone call asking him to go to Dodge’s residence. Upon arrival to the home, the victim was involved in a verbal altercation that he was able to talk his way out of, said Tucker.
A short time later, Russell arrived and the situation escalated in the front yard of the residence; Russell allegedly fired a round that narrowly missed the victim’s head, said Tucker. When preparing to fire again, Russell’s hand was pushed away by another defendant who did not want the victim shot in that particular location, Tucker said. The three defendants then took the victim inside the house and beat him severely before duct taping his hands together and restraining him, Tucker said.
The victim was forced to sign a bill of sale and vehicle title over to the defendants while under the threat of violence, and he was then held in the home overnight, said Tucker.
The following day, the victim was taken to his employer to pick up his paycheck, and then to the bank to cash the check. The defendants stole the money, and again held the victim overnight against his will, Tucker said.
The victim was taken to a remote area off of Highway 43 the next morning and dropped off. The following day, he reported this incident to the Sheriff’s Department, said Tucker.
Tucker said that all three of the defendants are being charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder due to the gunshot that narrowly missed the victim’s head. Tucker added that there could be additional charges, and said the bill of sale and title to the victim’s truck were recovered.

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