The movies are coming back to Picayune

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It’s been a long time since the people of Picayune could enjoy a night out at the movies without facing an hour commute. The closest theatre in any direction is located in Slidell, and depending on the traffic, that’s a journey that some people might view as more trouble than it’s worth.
Some may argue that the appeal of watching a movie in a theater has decreased with all of the recent advances in the home viewing experience. Razor sharp high definition televisions and surround sound systems are a common fixture in many living rooms nowadays. With conveniences such as Netflix and Red Box, films are more easily accessible than ever, and they seem to be available sooner as well.
While renting movies is great, there is something inherently unique and special about going to the theater that can’t be replicated on the couch at home. It’s the atmosphere that makes the experience so memorable.
Everyone has their own reason for enjoying the theater experience. For adolescents, it always seems to be one of the first things they are allowed to do on their own. Getting dropped off at the movies on a Friday night was a staple for middle school kids growing up on the Coast. Younger kids might fall in love with the movies during weekend matinee shows with their parents. It’s a great activity for families to enjoy together.
Watching a film in public is an interesting process when examined closely. Members of society pay money to sit in a room with a group of strangers who are united only by what is happening on the screen. These people become engrossed in the plot together, laugh and cry together, and then get up and leave when the credits begin to roll without ever really knowing who else was in the room. All they truly have in common is the experience.
And that’s what makes the movies special. There’s always something exciting in the air hovering just beneath the smell of buttered popcorn. It is going to be wonderful for the community to have a theater again. March can’t get here soon enough.

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