Road Safety For Upcoming New Year

Published 7:00 am Friday, December 26, 2014

Between the holidays and the upcoming New Year, the roads will be populated with cars all trying to get somewhere before the clock strikes 12 on New Years. The Mississippi Highway Patrol said its increasing patrols during this time to keep everyone on the road safe.

Recently, the Mississippi Department of Transportation issued a press release stating that more cars will be on the road this winter season because of the low prices of gasoline.

Ben Siebert, from the Mississippi Highway Patrol, said that the increase of cars on the roads mean an increase in safety on their part. Adding, that they have established checkpoints on the roadways to prevent any impaired driving. Troopers are prepared to be even more vigilant on reckless driving in order to keep the traffic moving safely from now all the way up until the New Year.

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The Mississippi Department of Transportation shared some tips to help motorists drive safely this Holiday season.

  • Buckle up prior to getting on the road.
  • Always be aware of the speed limit.
  • Drive sober or have a designated driver get you home safely if you plan on drinking.
  • Stay alert when driving in icy weather. Don’t slam your brakes and stay within a normal two-car distance from the car in front of you.
  • Be aware of the cars driving around you.
  • Keep a winter weather kit, which includes flashlights, cell phone chargers, water, etc. in case of emergency.