Making use of your Christmas tree

Published 7:00 am Friday, December 26, 2014

All of the presents have been unwrapped, leaving the Christmas tree looking a little lonely in the living room.
You know at some point you have to take the festively decorated tree down, but what are you going to do with it? Most people may just put it by the roadside for the trash collector to pick up. But consider some recycling options if you put up a real tree this year.
After you pack up all of the ornaments and attempt to put the lights back in their container in a semi organized fashion you may want to prepare the tree before attempting to move it out of the house. Before moving it out of the house you can cover it with a large plastic bag in order to avoid a mess of needles.
After you get it out of the house there are several things you could do with it other than putting it by the roadside.
If you have access to a wood chipper it could be turned into mulch for your garden or decorative planters.
Do you have a large pond on your property? If so, it can be weighed down so it will sink to the bottom and act as a fish refuge.
If you have a lot of land and don’t mind an old tree sitting in your yard it could be used as a bird feeder. The branches make nice perches for your winged neighbors. By spreading peanut butter on the branches birdseed can easily be stuck to them.
You could always burn the tree, but don’t put it in your fireplace. Pines contain a high amount of creosote that can build up in the chimney, creating a fire hazard.
Before burning anything outside be mindful of the fire load around your home and check to see if your area is under a burn ban. Before burning anything in the city limits, call the fire department and apply for a burn permit.

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