Getting geeky with it in Biloxi

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ok, I admit it; I’m a self-proclaimed nerd. Not only do I prefer reading and learning above most things (if it had been possible, I would have been a career college student) but I also enjoy playing video games and learning about the many fandoms out there. Recently, I have been absorbed in documentaries about Bronies, which are the adult fans of the children’s show “My Little Pony.”
A few years ago I discovered the wonders of Japanese animation. My best friend has been an avid Manga reader for years and finally succeeded in bringing me over, as she likes to call it, to the “dark” side.
I have read some of the books, which must be read from back to front and right to left, which can be challenging.
I watch a few of the animated shows, but one of my favorite creations from Japan is Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films.
The Walt Disney Company releases a version of these films overdubbed with the voices of American actors. The animation in the American version remains unchanged in the American version and is absolutely stunning. I enjoy all of Miyazaki’s films, but my favorites are “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” They are worth checking out.
It was only natural that I would begin to attend anime conventions. These are held in various locations throughout the United States and I usually go to MechaCon in New Orleans and have been to one in Mobile, Ala.
Attendees dress up as their favorite characters from anime shows, manga books, video games or science fiction books, television shows and movies.
This weekend there is a brand new convention being held in Biloxi at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center.
It’s called Geek-O-Nomicon and it’s sure to be good family-friendly fun for geeks and nerds of all ages.
This year, the overall theme for the new convention will be steampunk. According to the website, convention hosts are attempting to break the world record for most steampunks in one location.
According to, steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that combines fantasy and steam powered technology of the 19th century.
Along with panels, workshops, gaming and shopping, there will be celebrity guests including Stargate SG-1’s Christopher Judge, Farscape’s Gigi Edgley, Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch, Walking Dead’s Jerrad Vunovich and many more.
The geek fest will be held on Dec. 12 through the 14. According to the website, general three day admission is $50, Friday or Sunday 1 day admission is $20 and admission on Saturday only is $30.
Learn more about Geek-O-Nomicon at and follow them on Facebook at Geekonomicon.
It will definitely be a weekend to remember. So if you label yourself as a nerd, geek or just want to have a good time with like-minded individuals then check out this convention.

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