Gas Prices Low, Locals Taking Advantage

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 27, 2014

LOW PRICES: Man filling up his truck with gas at Mickey’s No. 1 on Highway 11, where unleaded gas is $2.17 a gallon. Photo by Ashley Collins


NPR reports the price of gas has dropped below $2 a gallon in several parts around the country. Around Pearl River County, gas prices are currently a little more than $2 a gallon and many residents are enjoying the price while it lasts.

At Shell on Memorial Boulevard, where the gas price is at $2.10 a gallon for unleaded gas, customer Dwyne Taylor said he’s taking advantage of the prices.

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“I just drove from Michigan to here, so it helps that the price is really reasonable now,” he said.

At Mickey’s No. 1 on Highway 11, where the price is $2.17 a gallon for unleaded gas, customer Penny Jones said that she’s also enjoying the low costs to fuel up.

“I take many car trips and low gas prices make it easier for me to do so,” she added.

However, Shell customer Billy Ledet said while he likes the prices, it shouldn’t last forever.

“I hope it [prices] lasts. It’s a good price. But I hope it doesn’t go any lower because it means that many people might be out of a job.”

While it’s uncertain how long the lower prices will last, it’s safe to say people are enjoying the savings.

Here are the local gas prices:

Texaco on Highway 11 – $2.19 regular and $3.09 diesel

Mickey’s No. 1 on Highway 11 – $2.17 regular

The Pit Stop on Highway 11 – $2.29 regular

Shell on Memorial Boulevard – $2.10 regular

Chevron on Memorial Boulevard – $2.12 regular

Exon on Memorial Boulevard – $2.10 regular

Shell on Nicholson at Exit 1 – $2.19 for regular and $2.99 diesel

Chevron on Nicholson at Exit 1 – $2.14 regular and $2.99 diesel