Battle in the Bay

Published 7:00 am Thursday, December 11, 2014

If you’re down in Bay St. Louis this Saturday, you may get caught up in a major naval battle.
Well, more like a major reenactment.
Saturday marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of the Bay of Saint Louis in my hometown.
The battle, fought on Dec. 13, 1814, was between the United States Navy and the British Navy.
Mystic Krewe of the Seahorse derives its name from the USS Seahorse, a ship used during the battle.
This new Krewe was created to commemorate this often forgotten battle.
According to the Krewe’s website, the battle was the last battle between the U.S. Navy and a foreign naval power in U.S. territorial waters and this battle saved New Orleans by giving Andrew Jackson time to prepare.
There have been many events in town leading up to this historic event including a Mardi Gras parade and Pirate Day in the Bay.
Bay St. Louis is a special place and it’s great to see something historic brought to life by the hands of talented locals so it won’t be forgotten.
Honestly, I never knew a battle of this proportion took place in my coastal hometown. I’m sure many other born and bred locals didn’t either.
It just goes to show you that even though you spend your entire life in a town, there is still so much more to learn about the locale, people and history.
That’s the wonderful thing about quaint towns like Bay St. Louis; they have a way of surprising you.
For example, when I was hunting for a blues hall wedding venue in New Orleans, my fiancé told me that we had an authentic blues hall in Bay St. Louis. (Honestly, he still brags about finding our venue.)
I discovered the amazing 100 Men D.B.A. Hall and met the new owners, transplants from California, who have become kindred spirits to me.
So this weekend, if you’re in Bay St. Louis, make sure you avoid the cannon fire. Learn more about the schedule of events at the Krewe’s website at and through Facebook at Mystic Krewe of the Seahorse.

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