The generosity of spirit is alive and well

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Something extra-special happened recently which I’d like to share with your readers in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season.
It’s a reminder to me as a displaced Southerner that generosity of spirit is especially alive and well at Goodwill stores in your area.
I’m related to an elderly shut-in – a feisty, independent, charming lady who lives alone and never wants to “be a bother.” When I called recently, I figured out that her television set was broken and she had no way to replace it. Although she tried brushing it off, I could tell that she surely missed her TV!
I’d recently donated some electronics and household items to Goodwill here in Los Angeles, so I thought about contacting someone in Picayune who’d understand the special needs of a special lady with no one around to help her. I wasn’t at all sure what would happen. Maybe nothing. But, happily, I reached Mark Blackledge – manager of the Goodwill store on Palestine Road. Not only did he “get” it, he personally took over – choosing a TV in good condition, making contact with my relative to arrange to pick it up and even trusting me to send him a check!
Perhaps this letter can be printed as a reminder to your readers about what their donations mean to neighbors in need. And hopefully – if you’re someone with money and purchasing power – clean out the garage and closet and buy some new stuff from your local merchants!
In the midst of what’s often “bad” news, this touching show of kindness from Mr. Blackledge reminded me that there’s lots of good news thanks to good people. What a heartwarming, life-affirming message.

Angela Shelley
Angela is originally from New Orleans and has a grandmother from Mississippi

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