Renaissance fun

Published 7:00 am Thursday, November 20, 2014

Have you ever wondered which historical era you belong in?
I have read the majority of Jane Austen’s books and longed to view life through the eyes of Elizabeth Bennett or Elinor Dashwood.
Then of course there are the great works of Shakespeare. One of my most memorable college courses was the one that not only focused on his works but also gave students the chance to practice acting techniques.
The European Renaissance has always fascinated me.
The elaborate costumes, the talented painters, daring knights and jousting tournaments have always held my interest.
This weekend, weather permitting, I will make my annual trek to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond.
I, along with my best friend Sarah, always have an amazing time and dress in period costume for the event.
From the moment you enter the gates, you are transported back in time.
There are shops where you can purchase or rent corsets, skirts, boots and anything else required to complete your authentic garb.
The food is always yummy; my favorites are the turkey legs and roasted nuts.
A live action jousting tournament and the wench show is a must see.
Everything from hand crafted glassware, clothing, jewelry, leather satchels and musical instruments are available for purchase.
The buildings on the property are year round fixtures and often used for other events and programs.
It usually takes us the whole day to walk the grounds, watch the shows, peruse the shops and taste all the delicious food options.
My point is, take the opportunity to travel back in time. Learn something new about how people in history thought, dressed, worked, lived and loved.
Take the children along, not only will they find it fun and fascinating but they may also learn a few things about the Renaissance.
Learn more about the Louisiana Renaissance Festival at

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