Letting go

Published 7:00 am Friday, November 7, 2014

Life comes in seasons — some of which are far too short.

As those seasons fade and slip past us, we are left clinging desperately to their remnants, while holding on to everything good (or the potential for what might have been good) in those waning years, which we allowed to define us.

It’s never apparent though, is it? In the moment, at least — how to navigate ourselves into a new era when we find it hard to let go of the old one?

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As one season of life fades into the next, the transition is often clumsy and strained as we attempt to guide ourselves from “what is passing” to move on towards “what is yet to come”.

Somehow the anticipation of “letting go” tricks our minds into believing that we are not giving due credit to that person, place, or event which meant so much to us.

In an effort to counteract, we hold on (too much, really) to everything we can.

But the weight is heavy, and not the joy we once imagined.

That’s the thing about desperately holding on to something as it slips away from you and into the past — you’ll never be able to stop it, no matter how hard you try. No matter how bold and well-meaning your attempts, you won’t even slow it down. All you’ll manage is to be first on the front as it disappears completely, while dragging you behind.

When moving forward, somehow “forward” never seems to be the direction you expected. We mistake the obvious thing in front of us to be the path it takes to get us there.

As C.S. Lewis once said, “We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road.”

I am not saying to negate your past entirely, just give it some room to breathe.

The fresh air might just give you a better perspective.