Voter identification is the way to go

Published 12:51 pm Friday, October 17, 2014

You would think that only the Democrats have to get voter I.D when some opinions are written on this subject. In the opinion shared recently the article gave an impression that it is a way to keep the poor, elderly from voting. This I.D. is for all parties. I realize that there are some who are elderly or have no transportation/etc., but they get to the polls when it is time to vote, don’t they? And it was published many times that they will provide transportation or any assistant that is needed for anyone who needs help to get their I.D. When you go to the doctor, there is a sign, “show I.D. at the Desk”, if you cash a check or use credit cards – you show I.D. I am thankful that they ask for I.D. I would hope that when you apply for government aid that you need proper identification. If you obtain any entitlements without I.D., no wonder we have a $17 trillion plus in debt. I embrace the I.D. law, because this will help eliminate voter fraud, not for one party but all parties. It does not single out one party or the poor as some continue to have you believe.

Green Space – Goodyear Boulevard.
It was stated in a recent opinion piece that, “We need to ask our council members to do away with the ridiculous ordinance, so the green space can become the venue of arts making our community more attractive. Goodyear Boulevard belongs to the citizens of the community not just the approximate nine families that one or more members of the City Council seem to think are more special than the rest of us.”
That statement was hurtful to the nine or so homeowners — and was grossly unnecessary. What they do with the space won’t affect me, but maybe it does affect people who live around there and you should be considerate of them, after all that is their home.
In the opinion it was referred to as the “arts”. I would not put the arts ahead of anyone’s comfort of their home, which they have worked to pay the mortgage and taxes on for years.
I’m hopeful the council can work to have a reasonable closing hour and limited days that don’t affect the homeowners when they have their art events or any events at the park. I also hope that deposits are necessary — incase you have an event that doesn’t clean up after their event — so the taxpayers are not left with the extra cost of cleanup. If you leave a mess, you lose your deposit.

Merle Jopes

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