Secularism in today’s society

Published 7:00 am Saturday, October 25, 2014

We are being forced to socialism by a government led by a minority who have few, if any, spiritual beliefs.
Over the past century Christians and the teachings of Christ have been pushed aside in favor of secularism.
This movement has been accelerated under the present administration.
Our constitution was created by people of faith.
They believed that all persons were created equal and given certain unalienable rights by our creator, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Our laws are based on the commandments, our money affirms our belief in God, (In God We Trust).
The liberals among us who believe in secularism are now a large voting block and are gaining numbers under the present administration.
Assisted by the ACLU and the atheists as well as the courts appointed by the liberals, are and have been in the process of taking God and his teachings away from our lives.
Even the boy scouts have not been immune from this advance of secularism.
No invocations at public meetings or games, all vestiges of our Christian heritage removed from our class rooms and government buildings. Add to this gay marriages and legalizing pot in several states.
One does not need to be an evangelist to understand that the Ten Commandments are simply good rules for any successful society.
Our present leaders dream that their faithless society is better.
As this coalition takes control, we see a huge decline in the morals and ethics of the populace. T
his decline is due in part to the uninformed amongst us who have been led to believe the productive part of our society owes them a certain standard of living.
This is most overt in our present administration both elected and appointed. It is also apparent in corporations and businesses.
The Corporate and business cultural lack of morals is better hidden but no less viral.
The position we find ourselves in today is due to these very reasons, human frailties, sloth, greed and the thrust for power along with a total lack of ethics have brought the country to its knees morally and financially.
While our system of governance is by far the best ever devised, it too can fail. It will fail to secularism that is being espoused by the liberals in and out of government.
Without the belief in a superior being and failure to follow the constitution coupled with self imposed discipline and personal responsibility it can not survive for long.
Morals and ethics must be instilled in our children from inside the family as they grow and mature while being taught personal responsibility.
This will create within them a conscious and a responsible code of ethics, that along with faith will guide each of them to a more responsible and productive life.
Unfortunately secularism does not tend to nurture these practices.

By Paul Ingram

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