Being an informed voter is important

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Being an informed voter and voting every time the polls are open, is one of our fundamental rights and responsibilities in this country.
When we go to the polls and vote, we either hire or fire or rehire the job applicants. How much do we know about those job applicants? Is that someone that we would hire to work along side us day in and day out? If we owned a business, is that someone that we would trust with our money, our inventory or our good name in the business community?
Not only is it important to be an informed voter, we must pay more attention to what politicians do than what they say. By being informed on a number of topics, we can more easily determine if the people who are trying to sway our opinion are telling us the truth. All the more reason to get our information from several sources.
Not only is it important to vote but we also need to let the people in elected offices know how we feel about various issues. If you strongly agree or disagree with someone in office, write and tell them.
If they never hear from us, they will think that everything they are doing is totally agreeable with all of us. (send it snail mail and not email)
Complaining to each other about taxes or government programs will not solve the problems.
We must notify the people in office of our feelings and suggestions.
Over the last 240 years or so, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of men and women sacrificed life or limb to insure our right and privilege to vote. Do not let their sacrifices go unnoticed or unappreciated.
If you have time to go hunting or fishing, you have time to vote.
If you have time to play golf or tennis, you have time to vote.
If you have time to shop until you drop, you have time to vote.
A quote from Dale Carnegie
“A man should be more concerned with his character than with his reputation. A man’s character is who he really is. A man’s reputation is only what others think he is!”
A statesman is motivated by his character….a politician is motivated by his reputation.
My comment added;
We need more statesmen and fewer politicians in office.

By Jim Towler

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