Using social media for your business

Published 7:00 am Friday, September 12, 2014

Small business owners know how important it is to reach their existing customers and attract new ones. In recent years, the Internet has made this pursuit easier than ever before.

Social media, being one of the foremost reasons many people now go online, can be an essential tool in increasing your small business’ customer base.

While engaging in social media won’t turn a failing business into a successful enterprise overnight, it can help business owners in a number of ways.

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• Increases visibility — Facebook and Twitter, together have more than a billion active monthly users. Businesses can take advantage of sites like these and gain worldwide visibility that is constant, and not limited by hours of operation.

• Promote products — Blog about a product on your site to help potential customers better understand what you offer. Business owners can produce how-to videos to explain the product, and customers can post questions in the comment thread. The informal nature of promoting a product via social media can make customers feel more comfortable about their decisions.

• Promote yourself — Use social media to tell your story. When consumers know who is behind a product, they tend to trust the company more and feel a more personal connection than they’re likely to feel with a larger company or corporation.

• Better serve customers — Small business owners can help their business by encouraging those who follow them on social media to share their thoughts about certain products or promotions. Employ social media to understand what customers like and dislike about certain products, then make necessary adjustments.

• Build a network — Other small business owners and business consultants are valuable resources, and social media makes it easy to consult them for advice on how to turn a small business into a success.

Not only that, but satisfied customers who take to social media to speak positively about your product can help you build a network of satisfied customers.