Matching the shoe with the occasion

Published 7:00 am Thursday, September 18, 2014

I, like most women, enjoy my footwear.

Nearly every time I’m in a department store, I will browse the latest styles of shoes. 

My personal favorites are wedges, stacked heels, boots, flats and almost everything by Steve Madden.

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My husband has inquired as to how many shoes I think I need and I promptly reply that I wear a different pair most every day, thereby, in my mind, justifying my purchases. 

However, no matter how cute the shoe or how well it goes with an outfit, there are times when a wedge or stacked heel is the wrong choice of shoe for the day.

In this profession, one never knows what to expect during the course of a day. 

For example, there was the day I went to take pictures at the Pearl River County Fair. I was wearing stacked heels that day, as I had not known I would be there taking pictures. 

Well by the end of the task, I had sore feet and received many strange looks from fair goers. 

Another example is when I covered my first football game in Poplarville. 

I was wearing wedges, and had not realized that I would be running along the sidelines taking pictures and notes. 

Well, needless to say, I could barely walk by the end of the night. I now bring a change of shoes to football games. 

Ladies, there is certainly nothing wrong with a cute pair of shoes. 

There are many types of shoes and many occasions to wear each one. 

For example, the flirty, dancing shoes, the warm winter boots, the cool flip flops and the snazzy, dress shoe. 

Keep in mind the occasion that you are dressing for and leave an extra pair of comfortable shoes in the car if you find yourself in a rainstorm, walking a long distance or covering a Friday night football game.