Is it “we the people” or “we the states?”

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Always clamoring for more federal programs, the socialists claim they are constitutional because the federal government is the people’s government. As proof, the big government promoters cite the opening words in the preamble to the Constitution. They parrot the same nonsense over and over. If the federal government is not the people’s government, why did the opening sentence make reference to “we the people” instead of “we the states?” Either through ignorance or outright fabrication, they fail to acknowledge this argument was put to rest at theRatifying Convention of 1788 and afterward.
James Madison, the father of the Constitution, provided this analysis. The powers of government flow from the people to their individual State and from the States to the federal government. In other words, the individual States are the people’s government and the federal government is the States’ government.
In his classic work of 1868, “The Federal Government, Its True Nature and Character,” Abel Upshur provided the following analysis of the preamble:
The phrase is, we, the people of the united states, not the people of America. The very phrase shows the Federal Union to be a government of states, and not the act of the people of all America, as a consolidated body…
The statements of Able Upshur and James Madison prove conclusively that the Constitution established a government of the states, by the states, and for the states, and provide additional evidence that the states have the responsibility to protect their citizens from federal abuse. Their refusal to control their government make them complicit in our massive debt, spying on honest citizens, endless wars for profit, dishonesty, growing police state and the multitude of other federal crimes foisted on the people by the federal government. Remember this! Anything the feds do, whether you agree or disagree, is allowed by the state legislature.
If you are concerned with the federal government exercising powers not granted by the Constitution and encroaching on state sovereignty, ask your state lawmakers why they allow their government to run roughshod over the people. Agreed, the congress and the feds have overstepped their constitutional limits and deserve the anger of the people, but we are letting the state legislature off the hook by not directing equal anger for failing their responsibilities.
The states must end the charade that they are victims of an all powerful federal government. The shelf life of the “poor little victim excuse” has expired. The states are supreme over their agent, the feds. So, what is the real reason for neglecting your duty?
In any contractual agreement involving the creation of an agent, the final word on the extent of the powers granted to the agent rests with the principals not the agent.
If 13 home owners got together, and by contract, created an agent and limited its duties to mowing their yards, trimming their trees, and maintaining the outside landscaping, would the agent have the power to interpret the contract to include duties not enumerated in the contract? If so, the contract would be worthless.
In such a case, the principals would sit their agent down and tell it to either stay within the scope of the powers of the contract or we will amend or terminate the contract.
The Constitution was designed to operate on this same principle. Unfortunately, the States are failing to exercise this power.

By Jeff Smith

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