Another version of party disagreements: Part II

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I read with interest Bonnie Holland’s opinion on party disagreements and would like to present another version of the split and the root cause as well as 50 years of the conservative philosophy moving to the left led by the northeast’s so called moderate wing of the party.

Then we come to Mitt Romney, another fine gentleman, but not very aggressive in his campaigning.

 By the way, insiders are talking him up for another run.  If elected he would do a credible job but would not be forceful enough to win over the no-holds-barred Democrat Party’s political machine with their leave-no-lie-untold tactics. 

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 During the mid term election of 2010, the Tea Party saved the Republican Party but was so hated by the beltway insiders they never received proper recognition for the importance of this grass roots movement or its potential for the Republican Party. The senatorial primaries this year proves this. The establishment spent huge sums and some dirty tricks to win those primaries for those old party insiders. Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Mississippi, Kansas and Tennessee primaries were won by the status quo, that’s why they fought so hard, to stop new blood from derailing the gravy train. Deficit spending became routine so the good old boys could keep their seats ad nauseam.

Nearly everyone (possessing rational faculties) recognizes that we have been drifting in the wrong direction for some time now. This drift can be directly attributed to the shift away from conservatism to liberalism and the correspondent expansion of government. Should you doubt this take a look at the financial condition of the blue states under liberal leadership. California, deeply in debt and over taxed, Illinois the same as California, New Jersey ditto, just to name a few. Then look at the cities under liberal leadership, starting with Montgomery, Alabama, Detroit, Michigan, Atlantic City, New Jersey and the list goes on. All are broke with liberal leadership in bed with public unions. All this did not happen over night and the insiders, even when they were in charge of both houses, did nothing to change course. Now do you begin to see the similarity to the federal government’s predicament and that of the blue states?

Above is what compromise has gotten us. 

If the conservative constitutionalists compromise at this juncture it will guarantee more of the same. Republicans, the party of freedom, can prosper again if we return to the basics upon which this country was founded.

I certainly agree we need to work toward the meeting of the minds soon so that we might make a start on turning our country around.

 However, the split seems to be getting worse instead of healing. The establishment within the party will not give any on their so called moderate ways and the Tea Party is sticking pretty much to the Constitution and the intent of our founding fathers, the ideals that made this country the envy of the world. Specifically this means smaller government, less taxes, fewer restrictive regulations, while fostering and promoting personal responsibility.

All of us must work to enlighten the voters of what a privilege it is to be a citizen of the USA. Our founding fathers said we give you a republic if you can keep it. Can we keep it? 

By Paul Ingram