Rock in windshield

Published 7:00 am Thursday, August 28, 2014

I’ve loved to drive ever since I reached the legal age.

I could not wait to have my highway freedom.

Of course, that also meant obligatory trips to the grocery store for my parents.

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My first car was a little green Dodge Neon that I drove back and forth to Ole Miss.

That car served me well until Hurricane Katrina decided to bring her storm surge.

My parents bought me my first car, so after Hurricane Katrina, I took the plunge and signed my life away to buy a cute Nissan Versa hatchback.

Along with monthly payments, I had to acquire full coverage auto insurance.

My car, which is lovingly called the “Phantom” (named after the main character in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway masterpiece ‘The Phantom of the Opera’), has been paid off for two years now.

It was another adult accomplishment for the books.

I decided to keep the full coverage and boy am I glad I did.

This week, a large dump truck threw a rock on my windshield.

It created a slight hole that was already starting to crack.

As I was searching for a glass repairman, my ever so smart father told me to call my insurance agent to see if windshield damage was covered.

After a five-minute phone call to my insurance provider, I not only found out that the windshield was fully covered, with no deductible, but the nice agent had already scheduled me an appointment with a glass repair company.

It gets better! I didn’t have to meet the repairman; he was coming to me here at the Item’s office.

He arrived at about 1:20 and by 1:40; I had a repaired windshield, freshly washed windows and vacuumed floors.

Full-coverage automobile insurance is definitely the way to go.

It makes me feel secure to know that even the smallest of problems are taken care of with professionalism and speed.