How Can Governments Do What Individuals Cannot? Part 2

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 9, 2014

This is the second of two articles dealing with law and government.  The first was crime, statute law, and Natural Law.  Now – the double standard.

“In existing criminology there are concepts: a criminal man, a criminal profession, a criminal society, a criminal sect, and a criminal tribe, but there is no concept of a criminal state, or a criminal government, or criminal legislation.  Consequently, the biggest crimes actually escape being called crimes.” – P. D. Ouspensky (1878-1947)

Remember from the previous article that there are few Natural Laws, things that are truly wrong, but many statute laws, things that a small group of people have decided you should or should not do.  As an individual, what you do will always be right or wrong, and if against statute law, a crime.  But as government, or a government employee, you may do something wrong, but there is seldom a crime.

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 Extortion is the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.  Extortion is wrong.  I would go to jail for committing extortion.  As government, and as individuals working for government, extortion is committed every day by your local tax collector and IRS agents.  Do you pay property tax willingly, or are you threatened with having your property taken by the government?  Do you pay income tax willingly, or are you threatened with paying fines and/or being put in jail?  Why is an act such as extortion a crime for me, but not a crime for the tax collector, who uses the sheriff as his muscle?

The system that was originally set up to protect our rights and our property, is now the instrument for stealing our property. The late Frederic Bastiat called it legal plunder.  The law takes property from all of us through extortion.  Yet no crime is committed.

Why can I go to jail for bribery, but a lobbyist can bribe legislators and receive subsidies, bailouts, and preferential treatment?  

 Why can the government force parents to inject their children with potentially toxic chemicals in order to enter public school, harming millions of children each year, killing some, yet not one person in government is held responsible.

Why would I be put in jail for murder, but not government?  Over 2,400 innocent people in Pakistan have been murdered by drone bombs.  Only 2% of them were high profile targets.  Yet no one in government is even questioned for their part in this genocide.  

All of the atrocities we attribute to Adolph Hitler were legal in German law.  Hitler committed no crimes.  All governments in history have ended in tyranny and slavery, and America is well on its way.  We allow the government to violate Natural Law.  We allow government, collectively and individually, to commit acts that would be wrong if we did them.  

Just imagine if everyone working for the government was responsible for their actions as an individual.  

Government would be very limited.  Taxes would be voluntary.  No more special treatment.  No more drones or wars that were not justified, because the President and many Generals would be arrested for murder.      

We need to rethink crime in America and start punishing the biggest criminal of them all, government – collectively and individually.

By: Donna Kenezevich