Fluoride – Helpful or Harmful?

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We have been told that fluoride fights cavities.
This belief started in the early 1900’s, when naturally occurring calcium fluoride in the water supply of the Pike’s Peak region seemed to be causing children in that area to have fewer cavities, though their teeth were pitted and stained. The aluminum industry, who was paying to dispose of sodium fluoride as hazardous waste, performed studies which showed the effectiveness of fluoride in preventing tooth decay. Armed with this biased research, a propaganda campaign began, and the aluminum industry was now able to sell their waste product to municipal water companies.

Fluoride became the active ingredient in pesticides, tranquilizers, and a number of other products including toothpaste. In 1947, Oscar Ewing, an ALCOA lawyer was placed in charge of the Public Health Agency, and over the next few years American cities began fluoridating their water supplies. No studies were done on the detrimental side effects of this waste by-product. And recent “independent” studies have not been able to show any decay preventive effects of fluoride.  Dr. Yuamouyuannis, in a New Zealand study, shows that teeth are actually better without fluoride.

Fluoride is a by-product of aluminum, explosives, and fertilizer manufacture. It contains high concentrations of arsenic, lead, and chromium, all of which are toxic and proven carcinogens. Fluoride is less toxic than arsenic, but more toxic than lead. The federal maximum contaminant level for arsenic is 5ppb, lead is 15ppb. For, yet fluoride is 4000ppb. The risks far outweigh the benefits and tooth decay can easily be prevented in a safer manner. Fluoride is accumulated in the body and cannot be excreted. In high concentrations, fluoride produces gastrointestinal disorders, mouth sores, rashes, headaches, cancer, and neurological disorders. It is a corrosive poison that produces serious health issues when consumed on a long-term basis in high doses. In our food and beverages, the average American gets of 300 percent of the ADA’s recommended daily allowance. The FDA has not approved fluoride for water treatment, and the EPA will NOT let industry discharge water with the amounts of fluoride we put into our water supply.  And it is in more than water.  Unless you are eating organic – most everything you ingest is sprayed with pesticides that are fluoride based.
Fluoride was used in Nazi Concentration Camps, not to fight cavities, but to control the population, making them “stupid and docile”.  It is one of the strongest anti-psychotic substances known, and is in 25% of major tranquilizers. Twenty-four studies to date have shown the connection with fluoride and lower IQ in children, as well as the general dumbing down of the population.

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Even if it prevented cavities, is tooth health more important than brain health? A 1977 study showed an increase in tumors, bone cancer, thyroid cell tumors, and liver cancer. Other research shows that fluoride increases the cancer death rate by comparing the 10 largest cities with fluoridation and the 10 largest without. Following fluoridation, deaths from cancer went up immediately.

Fluoride is in the water in Poplarville and Picayune. Why do we continue to put poison our water? I suggest that Mississippi stop fluoridating our water supplies.

By: Donna Knezevich