Are we enamored by “hope and change?”

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 23, 2014

Have we allowed ourselves to become enamored by “hope and change’?

Have we forgotten or never bothered to learn how fortunate we as a people are to live in the USA?

Why have so many of our citizens come to believe the government owes them a certain level of income? 

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Our wonderful experiment in ‘partially’ free market capitalism, that has served us well over the past 238 years, is under attack on all sides. 

While people from all over the world seek to migrate here to attain personal freedom our internal misinformed masses seek to tear it down in the force fed dream of “social equality and the redistribution of wealth”.

The Democrat Party has shifted so far to the left it should change its name to what it has allowed itself to become, the Socialist Party of America.  

Anyone who has even a trace of historical knowledge knows “eventually you run out of other people’s money”. 

After the failure of communism, which is the ultimate goal and only possible end of all socialism, even Russia has become more capitalistic. 

China is far more free enterprising society than we are at the moment. 

The USA became the greatest power on earth through the personal and God given rights guaranteed by our Constitution. 

Freeing a person to pursue his/her dreams and ambitions within the law is the greatest motivation that a human being could possibly have or hope for on this earth.

History tells us that no government managed society can ever hope to attain the heights reached by the USA under our Constitution.

 Our great success seems to be the point of misunderstanding as to how this came about. 

Under our present administration we are told we stole the land and raped the world of their resources for personal gain. 

Of course there was some of that but such a miniscule part as compared to the personal initiatives of myriad individual efforts and accomplishments of the citizens under our once free society.

Our present leaders have taken it upon themselves to go about the world and apologize for our great success in the world.  

Meanwhile at home we are being transformed into third world society by government mismanagement and over regulation.

 All persons are created equal under the law and equal opportunity is there for all. 

Perhaps our system has grown a little out of whack through the increasing influence of multinational corporations and their lobbyists and career politicians as well as the military arms complex.

All of this could be addressed and should be.

 But to take the approach of the current administration is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. 

Wake up America before we lose the greatest governmental system known to man.

By: Paul Ingram