True freedom comes at a cost

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, July 1, 2014


e are born free. We have the rights to protect our person, property, and liberty. Freedom comes from the words free and dominion. It means that you are free to do as you please with yourself and your domain – your family, your property. Liberty is the lack of statute laws that arbitrarily restrict your freedom.

You are born with rights. They cost no one. They cannot be taken away. Freedom of speech – you can say anything you wish, and are responsible for the results of what you say. You can yell fire if there is none, and if people are trampled and killed as a result, you are responsible. It doesn’t cost anyone a penny for you to say what you think, and no one should silence you.

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A privilege is granted to you, costs something, and can be taken away. “Free public education” is a privilege. We pay property taxes to educate children (no matter how poorly), and even those who don’t have children must pay. Healthcare is a privilege. We all want people to be cared for when sick. Physicians historically gave free healthcare to those who could not pay. Churches established charity hospitals. Healthcare is not free. Should anyone, or more realistically everyone, be forced to pay for privileges?

True freedom is pretty scary for most folks. It would mean no more control of people or their property. It would mean no preemptive laws that try to anticipate misdeeds. No more preferential treatment. No income tax. Instead, you would have minimal government.

Most people will say they believe in freedom and equality, but really just want others to do what they think is best. In a free society, you must allow people to do stupid and even immoral things or you allow the government to take away your freedom.  There is no compromise. It is an on or off switch.

Think of the Golden Rule. I don’t want anyone forcing me to do what they want me to do, so why should I have the ability to force others?

Why should a group of legislators, who I didn’t vote for, don’t know, and don’t trust, be able to force me and everyone else in the country to do what they think is good?  Why should they be allowed to forcibly take my money and do with it what they want instead of what I want?

I believe in freedom, even though it allows people to do things I don’t like and wouldn’t do. I believe in liberty, because it is the only way to have freedom. I believe everyone has unalienable rights that must be preserved.

I believe that people are not entitled to privileges that they have not earned.

What say you?


By Donna Knezevich