How do you know what you know?

Published 2:30 pm Sunday, July 27, 2014

If you are like most people, your basic beliefs and deeply held convictions are developed at an early age based on the belief system of your family. They got theirs from their family.  But how did they know what they knew?

As a child, you got most of your “knowledge” from schools, teachers and textbooks. This rounded out most of your truth.  So how did they know what they knew?

If you are like most people, you now get most of your knowledge from secondary sources.

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The TV, newspaper, or Internet … things you hear at the office, and that is the sum total of your truth.  But how do they know what they know?

Getting the idea yet?

Very little of what you know came from original sources.

Very little of what you know came from your own research into a particular subject.

So do you really know anything at all?

Everyone has bias and an agenda.  So they pass on their knowledge through their “filter” based on what they have come to know as the truth – because it is the truth to them.  Just as your truth is the truth to you.

Conspiracy theorists are shunned – because they do not believe the prevailing wisdom.  But how do they know what they know?

All conspiracy theorists are not right, but most have rejected conventional wisdom and done their own research.

So they really do know what they know!  That makes them dangerous to the powers that be.

They must be shunned, discredited, belittled – or else everyone will start doing their own research and the whole propaganda machine will be exposed.  This is the problem with the Internet.  Too much information – unfiltered – is getting to too many people.

Too many people are questioning what they are being told.

Too many conspiracies are coming to light.  Instead of being discredited, are being believed.

Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda in Nazi Germany said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Is what you know based on truth or lies?  How do you know?  Because you have heard it so many times?  Or have you actually done some research and read some original sources?

Information today in schools, on TV, and in newspapers is controlled by people with an agenda – people telling big enough lies and repeating them.

Is this information really the truth?  Unbiased?  So how do you know what you know?

What have you done to get accurate information on which you base your opinions?

Do you check out an incumbent’s voting record or his opponent’s history before voting, or watch the news to “learn” about them?

Have you read any research on climate change, or do you get that information through a filter?

No time for such things?

Then how do you know what you know?

Do you really know anything at all?

Wake up and recognize the propaganda.

It comes from many different directions, but little of the information you get is the truth.  Start knowing what you know.

Do some research, and find out if you really know anything at all.


By Donna Kenzevich