Hoping for change, expecting the negative

Published 7:00 am Thursday, July 31, 2014

“Hope and Change” We have certainly been experiencing that over the past 6 plus years.

We hope for the best while expecting change to be more negative growth.

The first quarter of this year our GNP dropped by  2.9 %. We haven’t seen negative figures like this since immediately after WW2.

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Disposable incomes for the average worker in the private sector has been declining since Obama’s policies have been in place.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with government employees.

It has been onward and upward each year tracking inflation  plus.

The bureaucrats have been awarded bonuses in some cases for substandard work.

Meanwhile the only increase in employment numbers is on government payrolls.

All levels of government has been in an expansion mode for the past 50 years or more with an extreme acceleration since Obama came into office.

The scales don’t seem to balance.

On the non governmental side we, find fewer total workers earning less while on the bureaucratic side we find more and more total workers each being paid more each year.

Several years ago the number of government employees exceeded the number of manufacturing jobs in the productive sector of our society.

This seems to be the case at all levels of government,       City,County,State and Federal.

This translates  to higher taxes on the producers of society who are decreasing in number and having less disposable income than the nonproductive governing class.

As government continues to take a larger roll in each of our lives and extracts a larger portion of our income to support itself, leaving no room for wealth building for investment in the private sector.

This translates into fewer opportunities for private sector jobs and creating a downward spiraling of our economy.

Government employees are non producers in terms of generating wealth.

But they are the consumers of a large and growing portion of the wealth created by the efforts of workers in the private sector.

Continuing on our present track will in a short while lower the USA to a third world status.

Our personal life style level certainly has already felt the effect of this trend.


By: Paul Ingram