Raises for all employees, without tax increase

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All staff in the Picayune Municipal Separate School District can look forward to a raise during the coming school year.

State mandates gave raises to the teachers, but there were no mandates outlining raises for other district employees.

District administration took notice of their staff’s hard work, and made moves to provide them with a raise in recognition.

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At first, that raise was only 50 cents per hour, but during Tuesday’s meeting they added another 25 cents.

Administrators said the last time those staff members received a raise was about five years ago.

This wage increase will allow them keep up with increasing costs to make ends meet.

We note this raise comes without an increase in taxes. The district can accomplish this because they have more than they need in reserve.

The state mandates that each school district maintain a fund balance of seven percent of their annual budget. Members of the board of trustees decided to increase that amount by another percent.

That means the district should keep about $1.9 million to meet the eight percent minimum. After they pay their employees for the summer, the district’s financial administrator estimates the district will have about 20 percent of their budget in reserves, or close to $5 million.

We commend the Picayune School District for providing all staff with raises, as well as the district’s ability to put money aside, instead of spending what they don’t have.