Preventive maintenance key to healthy life

Published 7:00 am Saturday, June 28, 2014

Health care is helping humans live longer, but the goal is to live that life illness free.

People who don’t take care of themselves are living sicker, longer.

Bill Davis with Slidell Memorial gave a Friday morning presentation where he compared caring for your body to the same care people put into their automobiles.

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If you care for your car, it will be there for you for thousands of miles and take you where you need or want to go.

While a car can be replaced, science hasn’t found a way to replace the human body.


However, the human body does something quite amazing, it repairs itself to some extent.

But to ensure your body is able to successfully repair all the bumps and bruises life dishes out it has to receive proper maintenance. This regular care not only involves putting quality fuel in your body, but providing sufficient exercise as well.

Davis pointed out the mental state of a person is just as crucial to the healing process as anything modern medicine can provide. Maintaining a healthy mind involves interaction with loved ones.

Engaging in personal interactions with friends and family can help a person recover faster than if that interaction was absent, he said.

As the decades pass it’s only fair to assess that medical care will continue to advance, possibly providing humans with a longer lifespan.

The key to enjoying those years is to maintain the biological machine such as you would your most prized possession.

Sure, the little indulgences in life make your time in the physical world much more enjoyable, but enjoying those things in moderation will help ensure you will be around for many years to come.