Stay safe while enjoying pool, beach this summer

Published 7:00 am Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summers in Mississippi are hot and humid and the most popular way people find some relief is by jumping in the water.

While swimming at the beach, lake or pool is fun and can be a great way to spend time with family, swimmers need to be aware there a lot of potential dangers that come with playing in the water.

Knowing how to swim properly, regardless your age, will prevent accidents, but even the most expert swimmer can get caught in dangerous situations.

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When hanging out by the pool, remember safety first. Don’t do flips off the diving board or side of the pool, regardless of the depth of the pool.

It puts a swimmer at risk of severely injuring themselves.

Parents should keep a constantly eye on their child.

It only takes minutes for a child to drown.

People should also become educated on the signs of drowning. There have been several articles over the years that cover signs of drowning.

If going to the beach, check with the Environmental Protection Agency for contamination advisories. Over the last few weeks, the EPA has shut down many beaches along with the Gulf Coast for water contamination.

While going to the beach can be relaxing and fun, heed the colored flag warnings.

Double red flags mean the beach is closed to the public. A single red flag indicates strong currents, making it hazardous to swim. A yellow flag indicates medium hazardous swimming conditions and a green flag means calm water conditions. The purple flag indicates dangerous marine life is in the area.

There are usually signs describing the meanings of the flag colors in front of the flagpole.

So enjoy the water, but also be safe.