Sewer levee breach in Poplarville

Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A levee at an old unused sewage pond at the wastewater treatment plant in south Poplarville was repaired Wednesday after it suffered a breech on Tuesday afternoon, said Emergency Management Director Danny Manley.

Representatives with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality pulled water samples Wednesday to test no creeks connecting to the pond for contamination.

Pearl River County Emergency Management Public Information Officer Tony Bounds said Wednesday afternoon that solids from the levee breach had been located at the E.T. Poole Road Bridge. Officials and employees from the Pearl River County Utility Authority were working with vacuum trucks to remove the solids and dilute any remaining waste.

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As a precaution, Manley and Bounds ask all residents to remain out of Jump Off Creek and East Hobolochitto Creek south to Pearl River until water sample results from MDEQ are returned.

“Signs will be placed throughout major swimming and fishing areas but we are asking everyone to spread the word to family and friends,” Bounds said.

County Engineer Les Dungan said the cause of the breech is unknown at this time, but it could range from seepage from the old sewer pipes or tunneling from rodents, like beavers and nutrias.