More good news is what the media should cover

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Feel good stories in the news are few and far between. Seems to me, all you hear on your morning news report is bad. What if the same effort was put into spreading some good news for a change?

It’s not that reporting news of the day isn’t news worthy, but there has to be moments during the day to make us realize good still exists in the world. The few light-hearted stories reported on, seem lost in a sea of misery.

Shouldn’t there be a “feel good” section of the news, focused on good things happening in the world? Many times I’ve seen newscasters report on some devastating event, and then say, “On the lighter side of things,” with a brief report on something good. Why can’t they give us all the bad news, then all the good news, so we can process the weight of the good and bad? Instead we have a mixed jumble of news, where if you blink you might miss the only “happy” story of the day.

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Members of the media work hard to keep the public informed of what is going on locally and the rest of the world. Without the media just think how isolated and alone we would feel. I recall after Hurricane Katrina ripped through Pearl River County, people were desperate for news. It was sheer relief when the first Picayune Item was handed out in parking lots of local businesses. To have news, any news at that time was a blessing.

I believe many more heart-warming, joyous, good news stories are waiting to be told, and I would like to see more of these stories, please!

My heart goes out to the people who suffer tremendously because of  tragic events. Tell me more about how they overcome. Tell me more about who is helping, and how they are helping them to overcome. Tell me how someone took a tragedy and turned it into a triumph. Tell me how they stood strong against all odds and won.

Now that’s good news!


About Barbara Mizell

Barbara Mizell began working for the Picayune Item in 1993. She started during the "cut and paste" days of the newspaper, and was the first to create a newspaper page using the computer for the Item. She has served as Composing Supervisor and honorary Religion Editor. Of all the contributions she has made over her 20 years at the Item, she is most proud of the World War II book "The Greatest Generation." Barbara was born and raised in the White Sand Community on Lee Hill, she has also written many short stories about growing up on the hill.

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