Beware of potentially aggressive animals

Published 12:32 pm Saturday, May 24, 2014

A large alligator was captured in a small pond just off of Palestine Road this week.

The alligator, once captured, was measured to be 9 feet long.

That is three feet larger than maturity for such an animal.

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The good news is no one was injured, either in the capture of this animal, or leading up to that event.

For an alligator to reach such a size it had to have lived in the area for several years at least, and others could still be in the area.

Officials report that community members have had to run children out of the same pond for fear of snakes living near the area.

They didn’t even know an alligator was nearby.

We live in a rural area, with many creeks and the Pearl River.

It’s not unheard of to come into contact with alligators, snakes, or other potentially dangerous animals capable of harming humans.

As the weather warms, these animals are going to become more active.

So too will humans, looking for summertime activities that may include wading or swimming.

Most of the time alligators, snakes and other predatory animals will avoid contact with humans, unless they are provoked.

In those instances, especially when their young are present, they can become aggressive in order to protect their progeny.

The best course of action is to avoid contact with these beautiful but dangerous predators.

But if another large alligator is seen in that, or any area of the county, it would be advisable to call local law enforcement or the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

They have the tools and training to relocate or take these types of animals into custody safely.

The Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks can be reached at 601-432-2400.