Beauty of architecture is more than function

Published 7:00 am Friday, May 2, 2014


rchitecture can provide function as a place to live, work or conduct commerce, it can provide a form of art to enjoy and sometimes it can do both.

One example of function with artistic elements would be historic city hall on Goodyear Boulevard. While it is a brick building where the city conducts business, its architecture is notably from decades past so provides historic beauty.

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Construction of the addition to historic city hall involved city officials and building planners employing some of the same cues of the original building, while adding some new touches. However, the theme of this building follows a more functional design.

Pinecote Pavilion would fall on the opposite end of the scale.

It does not house people or provide a place for commerce, but does serve as a place for events at the Crosby Arboretum. To fit with the natural beauty of the arboretum, it was made of indigenous wood to the area. It features an open construction, employing no walls, but displays a number of patterns that make for pleasing imagery.

Highland Hospital’s new location also employs interesting imagery, but serves a vital purpose at the same time.

When you view it from the outside it displays a modern feel with interesting shapes and lots of windows. The foyer of the building also has a number of interesting features. Large windows let in a lot of light, a staircase uses 90-degree angles to wind its way to the second floor and the room connects to all of the vital services including the cafeteria, emergency room and outpatient services.

Whether as an art form or just to provide a specific function, there are many examples of truly inspired building designs in Pearl River County we can all admire.