Smoke detectors are the key to saving lives

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Over the weekend three Picayune residents lost their lives in a fire. The family’s loved ones and many members of the community are now trying to pick up the pieces after this devastating blow.

It’s in moments like these that residents need to remember the basic rules of fire safety.

The best way to prevent tragedies like this from occurring is by installing smoke detectors and making sure they are working properly.

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While a smoke detector may not prevent a home from burning down, it can provide the crucial time needed in order for residents to escape.  The United States Fire Administration said working smoke alarms can double a the chances of survival.

Also, make sure the batteries in the smoke detector are not out of date. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends keeping the smoke detector dust free, testing it monthly and replacing the batteries at least once a year.

Today’s smoke detectors employ a feature that causes the device to beep when the battery is low. Don’t unplug it and put the errand off for later, it’s best to replace the battery right away.

A fire can occur at anytime and the one time the smoke detector isn’t working, may be the time it’s needed most.

Families should create a fire escape plan, especially if they have children.

Make sure everyone knows how to escape from every room in the house. When escaping from a fire, stay low to the ground and never open doors that are hot. Most likely, a fire is on the other side.