Picayune is now getting tough on signs

Published 7:00 am Friday, April 18, 2014

Picayune now has code enforcement officers with law enforcement experience who will begin enforcing the sign ordinances.

For years, businesses have advertised along the roadways mostly unimpeded.

After a group of consultants toured the city and gave a report on what they saw, city leaders listened. Sometimes an outside perspective is necessary to implement change.

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The city is going to begin several phases of enforcement. Phase 1 will be to remove the signs from the city right of ways starting Monday.

Anyone with signs in the right of way has the weekend to remove them, or they will disappear for good. In the past, especially during election season, temporary signs were picked up and could be claimed. This time they will be destroyed.

We agree it is time for action to be taken in this matter. The temporary signs that line the city’s streets have been an eyesore for some time.

Another aspect of the changes involves a recently formed committee that will look at the current ordinances and propose any modifications.

The city is also losing out on revenue that could be generated in sign permits, because very few businesses actually acquire a permit. While these are typically one-time fees so long as the same sign remains, it is still a source of revenue for the city.

All of these steps show the city has taken notice of the problem pointed out by an outside perspective and is making the much needed and long overdue changes.