Picayune has that good old southern charm

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thanks in part to the improvements and renovations by the Picayune Public Works Department and City Manager’s office, downtown Picayune is being brought back to its former splendor.

For the past several months, ornate, decorative stop signs and street signs have been popping up through out downtown. There are also signs that look similar to the stop signs and street signs that point residents and visitors alike in the direction of antique shops, restaurants and City Hall.

When more parking areas were added downtown, the city maintained the theme of bringing back that old town charm to the area by creating brick paved parking spots across from PJ’s coffee shop.

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Now that the old Crosby Memorial Hospital building has been demolished, the city is looking for ways to continue with the theme of revitalization while keeping the nostalgic image.

Moving into the future doesn’t mean a city has to forget and forsake its past.

While moving forward is an important part of a city’s continued expansion, it’s still nice to be reminded of a more idyllic past. A time when soda fountains were popular and the Frostop root beer mug sat atop its namesake building.

It helps bring back memories for the older generation, but allows a newer generation to learn about and embrace a past they never experienced.

Image is a big part of a city’s growth and future and the city administration is doing a good job of balancing the new with the old.