Community takes some responsibility

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crosby Library Director Carol Phares recently announced that Home Depot is helping the library by building a much needed storage room. This room will be used by the Friends of the Library to store the things they need for displays, the annual book sale, or any other storage need.

Why is this important? The extra space will enable the staff of the library to do their job more efficiently.

Phares said the old chairs that the “Friends” use during their annual book sale will be now stored in the room instead of in the main library. Phares said the chairs are currently getting in the way of people who would like to browse the shelves, as the look for information.

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Many displays in the foyer will also be stored in this room. These items are currently stored in a number of areas around the library based available floor space.

Phares said that one of those storage areas is the Memorial Room, where a number of antiques are on display. Whe the room is full of storage items, the public does not have access to the room to view the antiques.

“The staff will be able to put that room on display more often,” Phares said. “The library will also look much neater and cleaner, making the patron’s experience more enjoyable.”

Phares said this addition will occur just in time for the annual book sale that will begin this Sunday and end the following Saturday.

Hats off to Home Depot and all those who are volunteering to help our treasured resource known as the library.