Community-built by local owned businesses

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There are a number of locally owned businesses that have been operating in this county for many years, some for more than 100 years. This feat is a testament to hard work and dedication to the dream of being an independent business owner.

Businesses with local ownership help keep a community going, not only with their economic contributions, but also their community ties.

They provide jobs to local residents and ensure a steady tax base. Quality service is such a commodity that children who become accustomed to such a business will patronize that business when they reach adulthood, creating a family tradition and continuing its support.

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It takes an extensive set of skills to keep a business running for such a long time. First, the business entrepreneur must determine what products or services the community needs. Then a proper location for the business is secured. Once these two things are established, quality staff is hired, stock is purchased and then the customer base is built up.

Keeping customers happy is the most important component to increase the customer base. This part is also complicated since each person has a more or less different view of what excellent service should be.

Everyone has seen a new business open, only to close their doors a short time later. Their closure is not an indication of the service they provided, but more of an indication of the challenges independent business owners face. If things don’t work out, sometimes the only option is to cut their losses.

There is a lot to be said for hard working people who put their heart and soul into an independent business, especially those who are able to pass it on to future generations.