Clubs help students find their place in school

Published 7:00 am Saturday, March 15, 2014

This year, Picayune Memorial High School has added two new extracurricular activities, archery and bowling.

Adding these options to the list of choices allows more students to get involved and participate in group activities with their peers.

While acceptance by faculty and staff is an important part of creating a favortable educational atmosphere, being accepted by one’s peers can be an even greater concern for children.

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When a student connects with a group of people that has similar interests they connect, it helps the student feel included and important.

Even if the student isn’t “popular”, having a group of fellow students with a common interest helps them feel like they belong.

For some students, school is the only place they can find acceptance, which makes the need for a variety of groups and organizations students can explore and eventually find their niche.

Student organizations bring together those that might not have met otherwise.

The archery team is a diverse group of students, coming from a variety of backgrounds, but they all come together for one purpose.

Being bonded by one purpose is sometimes stronger than being bonded by similarities.

Meeting different people can also introduce students to other organizations they may not have thought to join before.

The other great thing about Picayune High School’s two new organizations is students don’t have to fit a mold to succeed.

Clubs are more than just about having something to occupy a student’s time, they are all about the people you meet.