Tips for Comic-Con

Published 12:16 pm Friday, February 7, 2014

Wizard World Comic Con is going on this weekend at the New Orleans Convention Center.

Comic Con is a three-day event for anyone from enthusiasts to the occasional nerd.

I get extremely excited about the New Orleans con every year. Just think about it — tens of thousands of people from across the country… and a few from across the globe… convening together to celebrate a shared love (and weirdness) for pop culture.

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It’s exciting.

I love to see the threads that connect us with one another.

There are quite a few special guests to look forward to at this year’s convention: the amazing Stan Lee (Marvel Comics); Matt Smith (Doctor Who); Norman Reedus & Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead); John Ratzenberger (Cheers/Pixar Voice Actor); Alan Tudyk (Firefly); and many other fan favorites, as well as opportunities to get autographs and pictures with the celeb of your choice (for an additional fee, of course).

Other highlights include: a great selection of artists, who often take requests, along with a variety of panels, a gaming tournament, film festival, and costume contest.

Bottom line: Conventions are a lot of fun… once you understand how they work.

There are a few essentials and unwritten courtesy rules you may want to take note of to ensure you and everyone else has a good time.

1. Wear comfortable shoes since you’ll be walking the whole time.

2. Convention food can be expensive, so eat beforehand.

3. Shower each day you attend and wear deodorant. There are a lot of people packed in a small space.

4. Bring enough cash to buy souvenirs.

5. Wear a good bag (backpack) for your belongings and purchased items.

6. Pack your camera, but don’t taunt the cosplayers (those are the people in costume). Always ask for photos.

7. Drink water and try to keep some on hand. Especially if you’re in attendance the whole weekend.

8. Most importantly, have patience, a positive attitude, and lots of fun!