Scout Sunday: Historic troop celebrates Scouting

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scout Sunday— Top photo then clockwise:  Members of Troop 2 and Pack 2 met to celebrate Scouting on Feb. 16, at First United Methodist Church.  Troop 2 is the second oldest Troop in Mississippi.  Submitted

Scout Sunday— Top photo then clockwise: Members of Troop 2 and Pack 2 met to celebrate Scouting on Feb. 16, at First United Methodist Church. Troop 2 is the second oldest Troop in Mississippi.

First United Methodist Church (FUMC) held its annual Scout Sunday service on Feb. 16. The day’s events were centered around Scouting recognition, reinforcement of Scouting values and awards.

The church is home to Boy Scout Troop 2, which is the second oldest troop in the state. St. Andrew’s Troop 1 in Jackson takes the first spot in longevity.

Troop 2 was first chartered in 1919. It is part of the Tung Belt District which includes: Troop 2, Troop 18, Troop 28, Troop 81, Troop 83, Troop 87, Troop 198, Troop 351, Troop 357, Troop 485, Troop 486, Pack 2, Pack 5, and Pack 18.

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The troop has produced many Eagle Scouts throughout the years. Its members have given back to the community through projects at the Crosby Arboretum, among other locations throughout the community.

Dr. James Biedenharn, pastor of the FUMC, spoke at the service on the topic of the Cub Scout motto — “Do your best.”

He told those gathered that the motto is not just good advice for Scouts, it is biblical advice for life, quoting Ecclesiastes 9:10 NIV — “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

Biedenharn related that the Bible has words like do, deed, deeds and done in the New Testament alone, 589 times. He told the group that doing your best takes effort, excellence and endurance.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra,” he said.

In closing he added that one thing stood above effort, excellence and endurance. That one thing was love.

During the program, Pack 2 Cub Scouts were recognized, along with their leaders.

The Pack 2 Cub Master is Eljie Bennett and the Assistant Cubmasters are Cheryl Gestring and Dennis Redman.

There are three Tiger Dens and they consist of:

Leaders Eljie Bennett and Shane Edgar— Tiger Cub members: Reyce Bennett, Grant Malcolm, James Carver, Ben Naquin, Laird Walker, Johnaustin Edgar, Aiden Bennett, Lucas Barnett and Cole Smith.

Leader Scott Giaise— Tiger Cub members: Bryan Cooper, Broc Rice, Cameron Collier, Daniel Huck, Ethan Stockstill, Hayden Wright, Wesley Hingle and Joseph Giaise.

Leader Cassandra Spence— Tiger Cub members: Jayden Hebert, Collin Spence, Carlton Guilliott, William Perron, Andy McCoy and Peyton Dillard.

There is one Wolf Den and its leader and members are:

Leader Thomas Mitchell— Wolf Pack members: James Harden, Ryder Burge, Colin Buckley, Noah Dobbs, Sabastian Mitchell and Chayse Formby.

There are two Bear Dens and their leaders and members are:

Leader Jonathan Formby— Bear Den members are: Brandon Gill, Bryan Foster, Aden Kekko, John Albasini and Sean Mardis.

Leader David Malcolm— Bear Den members are: Mason Bennett, Johnathon Polson, Slade Malcom, Blaiken Mitchell, Carter Edwards, Hayden Gestring, Karlin Campbell and Cameron Smith.

There is one Webelo Den that consists of:

Leaders Matt Olive and Angela Everett—  Webelo Den members are: Christopher Gestring, Michael Olive, Conner Barnett, John Carver and Ethan Hickey.

Troop 2 Boy Scouts were also recognized.

Scoutmaster Keith Kingrey leads the group with numerous assistant Scoutmasters and active parents.

Scout members are: Koen Aljabi, Andrew Barrott, Kevin Cales, Ethan Dobbs, Tyler Dobbs, Joseph Forsman, Bradly Gill, Keegan Hickey, Spencer Mancuso, Chris Mitchell, Daniel Nuccio, Tyler Russo, Kaden Swanson, Dylan Wade and Galan Watts.

Tenderfoot member is William Smith.

Second Class members are: D.J. Cales, Henry Loughnane and Robby Mayo.

First Class members are: Neil Frierson and Chris Smith.

Star members are: Collin Crosby, Daniel Ford and Jaden Hickey.

Life members are: Tyler Carr, Logan Gravios, Jake Kisela, A.J. Neff and Matthew Sappington.

Eagle members are: Justin Gandy, Korey Kingrey, Dylan Schram and Will Wise.

Awards were presented to Dustin Gandy and Dylan Schram, who earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Kevin Cales and Daniel Nuccio earned their Cub God and Church Awards.

Troop 2 Scout Leadership also earned awards.

“The Cross and Flame Award recognizes adult leaders who have given exceptional service in the use and promotion of the Scouting Program for young people, one who has served children and youth through The United Methodist Church,” Troop 2 Board Member Vanessa Kingrey said. “A minimum of five years of service is required but this year’s recipients both had over 10 years of service. Keith Kingrey and Sherry Aycock received the awards for their service to both the church and troop.”

The event ended with a spaghetti dinner, which enabled the Scouts to display some of their projects from throughout the year.

If you would like more information on Scouting contact Vanessa Kingrey at First United Methodist Church at 601-798-4321.