Residents help prevent winter disaster

Published 7:00 am Saturday, February 1, 2014

On the news the last few days, there were numerous stories on how different cities in the South were ill equipped for the winter weather that hit this week.

Here in Pearl River County, we were able to make it through with little fuss thanks to the preparation by our county and city officials and also in large part, the residents of the county.

The sheriff’s department and Mississippi Highway Patrol both reported few incidents during the winter storm and they attributed it to the residents staying off the roads.

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It also helped that schools, government offices and many business chose to shut down and keep employees at home instead of traveling on icy roads.

While it’s frustrating to be stuck at home and not being able to travel around when that is a part of most people’s daily routines, it allowed law enforcement and emergency officials to focus on other important matters.

Pearl River County and Mississippi could have easily turned into Atlanta if people would have ignored warnings and decided to travel.

Instead roadways stayed clear of major accidents. People weren’t stuck in their cars for days in the cold, which poses a safety risk and instead were warm at home.

Another risk that comes when people attempt to drive during bad weather conditions is cars going off the road. While it may not require the same resources as a major accident, it still requires law enforcement to travel to the scene and utilize resources and tow trucks to tow away the cars that are stuck. That endangers the lives of the law enforcement officers and the tow truck drivers.

So thank you to all the residents who heeded the warnings to stay off the roads and stay warm at home.