No place like a forever home

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, February 26, 2014

By Rhonda Furby

Guest Columnist 

SIERRA (Follow-up)

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Remember the sweet Maltese mix that had to have pins put in her leg? She was adopted Saturday, February 8th. She has a doggy brother that looks just like her and a human sister. She is loved very much and is getting spoiled as we speak. Thank you to everyone that helped Sierra find her forever home, including the anonymous donor that paid for her expensive surgery. Congratulations, Sierra!

FENDER (now named Angel)

A Good Samaritan was driving down I-59 and spotted an injured German shepherd lying on the side of the interstate. They stopped, loaded her up and took her home with them. After getting her inside at home, they realized that her injuries were too extensive to mend on her own so they brought her to the Pearl River County SPCA. As soon as the shelter manager saw her, she knew that she needed to go straight to the vet. When she was x-rayed, we were told she needed surgery to have pins put in to mend her fractured rear leg. Again, an anonymous donor stepped up to pay for her surgery. Even though she had been adopted, Angel spent 2 months at the shelter mending under the watchful eye of the staff. Her new forever mom and dad just adore her and spoil her terribly. What a happy ending for Angel’s story that could have ended so tragically if no one had tried to help her. Thank you again to the Good Samaritans that step up and do something.


One of our staff was driving through the buffer zone and a redbone hound mix was standing in the road and would not move. It was a summer day and the asphalt was very hot. There were no houses nearby. She coaxed him into her car and brought him straight to the shelter. When he was being assessed, the staff noticed that the pads of his feet appeared to be severely burned, so off to the vet he went. Upon examination, the vet informed us that it was not burns but the results of Jimmy being chained or penned in an area where he had to stand in water for weeks at a time. The poor guy had to wear “The Cone of Shame” for two months to keep him from chewing on his feet and making them worse. After being at the shelter for a couple of weeks, he went into a foster home where he continued to heal. The healing process was not progressing as fast as the vet would like, so he was put on prednisone for three weeks. After his feet had completely healed, he was running and playing with his foster brother and collapsed. His foster mom rushed him to the vet. His blood work came back and he needed a transfusion immediately. There was a Rottweiler there that donated his blood (thanks Rottweiler) and after one night at the vet he went back home with his foster mom. After his checkup, he was put up for adoption. He stayed for weeks and no one wanted him until a recent Saturday at PetSmart. His forever family met him and fell in love. Congratulations, Jimmy.