Education advances despite love for “old days”

Published 7:00 am Thursday, February 27, 2014

Common Core continues to advance through education’s ranks despite some who think children today don’t need to learn any more than they did, and don’t need to learn in any way differently than they did.

However, the world isn’t standing still and neither is education. What was yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality and children need to learn about these advances and how to use them. Actually, many of today’s children are teaching their parents — and in some cases their teachers —about the new realities of technology.

With these advances in knowledge, not just in technology, teachers have to devise better ways of presenting the information children need to learn at each level and better ways to track their incorporation of that knowledge, and that’s how at least some teachers are finding Common Core very useful.

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The principal and teachers at South Side Elementary spent about two years developing their plans for achieving this goal and today are using strategies that are part of the Common Core that have drawn opposition. Most local educators have found these strategies very useful in teaching the children in their classes.

Yet, those opposing the Common Core don’t want anything about it used by teachers. Many of those in opposition grumble that they don’t understand why teachers don’t just do what they were doing before Common Core.

The answer is simple: It wasn’t working, at least for students who most needed help. Common Core appears to have advanced education strategies to a new level and apparently they are working, at least for educators who have seriously studied and are applying them.

Let’s keep advancing and helping our children learn.