Reporters don’t get snow days

Published 7:01 am Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Last week I wrote about the joys of snow that I experienced when I was younger. While the second time it snowed where I lived was when I was a college student, I didn’t have to face the realities of what snow and ice meant.

As a college student, campus was shut down and since I worked on campus, I had no work.

I was a carefree student who got to play in the snow and when the electricity went out, I just layered up, crawled under the blankets and waited for the power to be restored.

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These days, it’s a completely different story.

Last week, when the roads turned into icy deathtraps, I couldn’t just curl up under the blankets and wait for it to pass.

Instead I had to work with my publisher and co-workers to make sure the paper would get delivered to our customers on Saturday morning and make sure we were gathering the correct information and getting it to the Picayune Item customers.

Going home and waiting for it to pass was not an option this time.

When we here at the Item discovered similar weather conditions would occur again, we had to set a plan into action.

Every possible scenario had to be discussed and solutions to the problems we could encounter had to be thought out.

Because despite road closures, schools being shutdown and government offices being closed, there still has to be someone at the newspaper making sure a newspaper is produced.

Just like the mailman, regardless of rain, sleet or snow, the newspaper keeps working and bringing the news to you even if it becomes improbable to deliver the papers to our subscribers.

During inclement weather, we will try to make sure our website is being updated with the latest information. Customers will also be able to check what is going on by checking our Facebook and Twitter accounts.